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About me in my own words:

Q: How did I end up like this?

A: I have no idea, or regrets.

I cannot recall any family member on either side, maternal or paternal, as being what one might refer to as being Artistically Minded.  My Mother and father were good, loving, law abiding, decent people, living the Post World War ll, American dream. Nothing about them or their lives would or could in any way be linked to  my affinity for the Bohemian  Gypsy lifestyle that would eventually set the course of my journey away from my WASPY roots and into the unknown. 

At the age of 18 years and one second old, to the shock of my family and in some cases the relief of the neighbors, I walked out the front door of my family home and embarked on an extensive self taught education in the art of freelance creativity and survival on the road, by developing relationships with artistic mentors and counter-culture bohemian personalities who would share with me their techniques and know how.

At that time, the only way for me to develop an abilitiy or skill in any artform or trade, was to position myself along side a master that particular skill or ability to be there as a helper or apprentice as the process of work and use of the tools took place. I sought out and lived with Painters, Sculptors, Builders, Iron-workers, Poets, Musicians, Dancers, and other working artists that inspired me and would accept me as equal.

It has been more than four and a half decades since I embarked this journey.

I have come to realize that becoming an artist or a craftsman is not a job or even a calling but instead it is an entire way of life and that being devoted and true to that lifestyle defines the difference between good art and inspired art, between commercial craftsmanship and fine craftmanship that serves as examples for future generations.

“Without Inspiration there is no Art.”

Douglas Tharalson
California Artist