Welcome to my website:

This  site is designed to introduce you to a brief history of my work, share with you the development of my latest ambitions and creations and bring you up to date as to what it is that I have been up to lately.

This site is intended to keep open a direct line of communication for friends, clients and collectors that already know me and for anyone that may be interested in contacting me for the first time, I will leave the door ajar, in case you might be tempted to give it a push.


Douglas Tharalson


There has always been reason to celebrate at  Studio Tharalson.

For those of you that have attended some of our events or gatherings at the studio, this little video may serve as a gentle reminder of the vast array of amazing personalities and the passion for life and creativity that all of you have brought with you as you passed through our studio doors and into the hearts of each one of us forever. 

Thank you all for contributing to the sum total of  our lives and experiences.  

Stay awake for moments like these……………..