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Women Remembering Moulin Rouge Flapper Woman Waiting

"Woman Remember"

"Moulin Rouge"


"Woman Waiting"


Ice Mermaid Three 10 Horned Harlot

"Jessica II"

"Madonna de la Luna"

"Ice Mermaid Three"

"10 Horned Harlot"


Dina Reading La Violinista

"Dina Reading"

"La Violinista"

"Nude with Halo"

" Mississippi Blues Player"


Guitar 2001 Stella Speak 3

" Oud Player"

" Server with Wine

"Guitar 2001"

"Stella Speak 3"


 Bowl & Cheese"




Portrait of Jana Head Portrait of a Woman Carnival in Venice

"Portrait of Jana"


"Portrait of a Woman"

"Carnival in Venice"



Cool One Still Life with Cheese and Fish Still Life with Cheese & Fish 2 Mother and Child #1

"Cool One"

"Still Life with

"Still Life with

"Mother and Child #1"

Cheese & Fish" Cheese & Fish 2"



Red Bather Women with Hat 1 Women with Hat 2 Women with Hat 3

"Red Bather"

"Woman with Hat 1"

"Woman with Hat 2"

"Woman with Hat 3"



Mardi Gras 1 Sleeping Women Guitar in Repose Tribute to a Mistress

"Mardi Gras 1"

"Sleeping Woman"

"Guitar in Repose"

"Tribute to a Mistress"


Guitar with Bottles Blue Man with Guitar Embrace Ukrainian Visitor

"Guitar with Bottles"

"Blue Man with Guitar"


"Ukrainian Visitor"


Woman Remembering Zorthian with Wall Flamenco Slumbering Man with Candles

"Woman Remembering"

"Zorthian with Wall"


"Slumbering Man




with Candles"


Fiesta Cantina Fiesta Cantina 2 Fiesta Cantina 3 Fiesta Cantina 4

"Fiesta Cantina"

"Fiesta Cantina 2"

"Fiesta Cantina 3"

"Fiesta Cantina 4"


Kiki of Montparnasse Woman with Bird Three Herons

"The Gift"

"Kiki of Montparnasse"

"Woman with Bird"

"Three Herons"


Figure with Monocle Stella Speak 4 Death of Mentor

"The Conclusion"

"Figure with Monocle"

"Stella Speak 4"

"Death of a Mentor"


Fiesta Cantina 5 Musical Gathering Man with Guitar

"Fiesta Cantina 5"

"Musical Gathering"

"Sedona Moonscape"

"Man with Guitar"




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